Unexpected Changes

It is mid-year. It is not an ideal time to change schools. Yet, circumstances don’t always line up with what is ideal in my perspective. We have chosen to continue our kids’ education by joining a Classical Conversations community in our town. I had a morning coffee interview with my son’s director, and then my daughter and I interviewed in the afternoon with her director. I really appreciate their intentionality ensuring all prospective families understand their mission and evaluate if that family would be a good fit for their specific community.

We did not anticipate this transition, but it really feels like the Lord was orchestrating all the cogs of the wheel to be ready for us to make this move. I’m learning new lingo: the lead person in the classroom is called a tutor, in the younger groups there is one director over all of them, but in the older groups each tutor is also a director. We are entering cycle 1 which is the study of ancients and there are three cycles. I am appreciating the history of this organization and the amount of intentionality that the community we are joining has.

EJ is happy-sad. She is happy to be joining this community of learners in Challenge A. These are kids who we attend church with and she has known the since they were in nursery together. She is also very excited to homeschool again – she loved being home and planning her learning each day during COVID quarantine learning. She also has asking to add extra curricular learning to her schedule like learning to play the violin, speaking Spanish and rock climbing. I’ve been reminding her that we are home”schooling” and schooling will come first, but I’m excited to launch into this with her. First stop, read Secret Garden. Her sadness comes from loosing some really great teachers who really invested into her character and academic development, we will miss them dearly!

TW has been processing his sadness for over six weeks. Now that we are home for Christmas break, he cannot stop talking about his new school “CC”. We are also adding a small group tutoring to his schedule which he his really excited about. Again, the Lord has been preparing a way for us. I was at a local Christmas bazaar when I ran into one of my old employees/friends from the school I founded. We took a little time to catch up with one another and she shared that she was tutoring small groups of kids with learning challenges in her home. When I shared that Tai was unexpectedly removed from 1st grade and we were trying to figure out what to do next, she said that a spot literally just opened up and she would be willing for him to assess. He is so excited to go to two schools! We just packed up uniform clothes and updated their closets to everyday clothing. After Christmas, I’ll get their learning spaces prepared and I of course will need to by some post-its and sharpies because those are the tools for homeschool success :).

There is nothing permanent except change.


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