Learning Strategy: Post it Notes

One again, we were looking for a way to reinforce TW’s learning to count 11-20. His poor hands were going to be chapped for all the hand washing he was doing for practice! I was looking for a way he could practice without my help and didn’t want to take the time to go find a cute printable activity. Post It notes to the rescue.

  1. Grab a marker and a stack of Post-It notes and write the word and number on each square.
  2. Lay them out in order in a straight row to say each number.
  3. Then mix them up and have your child put them in order. Hint: teach them to find the bookends (11 and 20) first.

This became a daily activity at the dining table while I was making dinner. We cheered him on and in no time he mastered this activity.

STORAGE: My quick solution was to put them in arm’s reach of the kitchen table – I popped them on the fridge with his magnet.

APPLICATION: You can use this with so many things to learn in order.

  • bible verse
  • history timeline
  • alphabet
  • numbers
  • skip counting
  • fractions

Let me know how you’ve used this strategy!

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