Growing Mighty Oaks

In the fall, my husband and kids were playing at a local park and started picking up acorns off the ground. They came home excited to research how to prepare the acorns for planting. So my garage fridge stored a gallon bag of dirt and acorns through the winter.

Early February, they pulled out the acorns and got them planted and we waited. The first one shot up pretty quickly and then the others just wouldn’t pop their heads up. Weeks went by and finally you can see in the left planter a tiny sprout!

Flourishing takes different amounts of time.

As I watched this little sprout push up through the soil I thought of the way we’ve raised our kids. Our three biological kids all had the same start and are flourishing. Our fourth, who we adopted, didn’t get started until we brought him home at almost four years old. When we held him for the first time, he was 21 pounds wearing 18 month old clothes, not walking or talking, still drinking from a bottle, but had the biggest smile!

The acorns in the pots all had the same conditions to sprout, but they each came alive at different times. These baby oaks will all grow up to have a mighty root system and a 40 foot canopy. I trust that each of my children will grow into the men and women God has designed them to be, it is my job to give them nurturing conditions.

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