Beginning an Adventure

Well I started this website when I knew that I had to transition out of my career to homeschool my children. I thought I’d need some side income to help our family. I thought I’d start a consulting business. I thought I had a strong network to build from. And then, like God so often does, he surprised us with a blessing that we are still unpacking.

Out of the blue, my husband’s former boss called him to let him know he was promoted and wanted J to come work for him…in Texas. In the last ten years of his career with this company, J has been asked to interview for positions before, but this felt different. I had a deep peace that truly passed all understanding that this was a real scenario not hypothetical. He had one, then two, then three and finally a fourth interview. I found myself waking up at 3am over the three weeks, slipping off the side of my bed to my knees and praying. We talked often about the ‘what if’s’ and my spirit remained at peace.

We knew that we had to be transparent with the kids early on so they could process. Their responses really were all over the board. M is eager for a fresh start, T is grieving the loss of his first love the -snow covered mountain to ride his snowboard on, E is also grieving – her loss is a beautiful new schooling community, Tai is happy about everything. As I talked with the kids, I began to paint a bigger picture for them showing how dad has sacrificed for years so we could stay planted in this community, so I could launch a career and continue with a dream job and not uproot our family from everything they have ever known. Since he got his degree, he’s wanted to move out of managing people and hoped to manage projects and processes. This job is exactly that! The kids began to see that this was a job where dad could thrive and their hearts have all wrapped around the desire to see him take the opportunity regardless of their own loss.

April 21st marks the day he said Yes! The day before, with contract in hand, he talked to each of our kids individually to really hear their hearts. I thought his cold feet were going to walk away from the offer. The anticipated raise in salary is double, the company’s relocation package is extremely generous, the cost of living in TX is so much more affordable I do not need a job, classical education is prevalent and the weather is lovely and people are friendly. He called me in the morning, holding a pen to sign the contract offer and I affirmed that the benefits and position our family was in, created a perfect scenario for us to try something new. The conversation was short, he signed and we hung up. Then tears began to pour down my cheeks, I had been so at peace with this decision going forward, I didn’t think until that moment about what closing this chapter would look like for me. Since that day, tears come quickly.

Lord, I am so excited for what you are doing! You are preparing our family for a new adventure, but I believe it will also be a renewing of so many more things! I trust you with this future, help us bring closure to our Washington lives in a beautiful and meaningful way. Let us embrace all that you have in store for us. Thank you Lord for this gift, may we steward it well. ~Amen

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