Planning to be Flexible

I’m the first to say, as an educator, I don’t like worksheets. Yet, as a homeschooling mom, I’ve learned that I do best when I have a workbook to keep me on track. With this as a spine, I allow myself to break off and do something else and plan for the ebb and flow of following my child’s interests.

The first thing I do is a quick calculation. How many weeks will I be schooling this year divided by how many lessons are in the book. My youngster’s phonics book has 120 lessons divided by 30 weeks of schooling equals 4 lessons a week. That is my favorite pacing so we can have some fun with our learning beyond the walls of our home.

Then I just use my workbook’s table of contents as my planning guide, writing the date next to the lesson I plan to complete it. I don’t anyways stay exactly on target, but I make up for the ebb and flow and I catch up easily within a week. FUN TIP: I’ve found that going to a coffee shop and letting them order a drink to sip while doing a catch up lesson is very rewarding -they will occasionally ask on a non-school day if we can go to the coffee shop and do a lesson!

There’s my planning strategy tip for you today. Enjoy!

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