Making the Most of Moments

The flurry of the morning routine was not running smoothly -at all. I have been trying to let my 2nd grader join me during my morning work out, which he thought was fun for all of two days but today he spent the entire 30 minutes needing my attention every 30 seconds – no joke! Somehow my iwatch still registered that I burned 114 calories. I felt so frustrated by the time the work out video finished and my emotions were what really were exercised!

We finally got through breakfast, dish chores and I sent him off to brush his teeth when my 8th grader came in and plopped herself on the kitchen bar stool and said she had three things on her mind. She normally isn’t too big on sharing her heart and in hindsight, I wish I would have stopped right there and looked at her in the eye because I could tell this was important to her. But seriously, all I wanted was a shower and to get the bacon grease off the cast iron range grate from last night’s paninis.

I kept the conversation going with her while I was cleaning up and we made a plan for one of the topics. She is really interested in doing missionary work and wants to learn more about it. We talked about a few missionaries we know she could get in contact with and we discussed re-reading the YWAM Missionary Biographies. We listened to them a lot during a season of commuting and had great conversations about those people’s experiences.

The conversation picked up again when she got home from youth group. She was excited to share that she had made a step forward on one of her other points. I had challenged her a few weeks ago to find a way to pour out into someone else’s life. She felt led to offer time to a single mom at church as a mother’s helper and was able to successfully have that conversation tonight – she was beaming.

So I guess the miss this morning was redeemed by many more moments that I did take throughout the day. Be encouraged mamas, all the little moments add up and really do make a difference. I just got a backwards holler, “I love you mama” as she scooted off to bed.


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