Christmas Countdown

I still have one in the house that finds joy in an advent calendar. We put it all together right after Thanksgiving and he has been so eager to start placing each figure on it. I think advent calendars should start the day after Thanksgiving, I needed a count down calendar to start the count down calendar!

I got a much needed break today, going to bible study where we did a Christmas craft, I got to hold a sweet baby, we did a white elephant exchange and most importantly, I got to enjoy fellowship with other mama’s. I also

I find that small talk is hard for me. Only living here for four months, every person is new and it is hard to have a deeply meaningful conversation. Today, was refreshing though, I chatted with a couple mamas who are worried about the agendas being pushed in their elementary kids’ schools and another mama who’s adult daughter and granddaughter are recently living with her and are not following the Lord. Those are the conversations that make a difference in our lives.

I am not only counting down to Christmas, but I’m more looking forward to going back to WA for a week and getting to jump into the deep relationships that still wait for us there with family and friends.

While I was at bible study, M took T.M. & T.W. to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. M bought T.W. a cute pair of Christmas PJ’s and he was so excited to wear them to bed tonight and show everyone one his new jammies. I love how this move has caused the flourishing of relationships in our home. Today was light on learning, but rich in people-ing.


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