Recommendation: Playdough to Plato

I want to share a fun find that has given me so many wonderful independent activities for my youngest to do. This is a huge win for me since TW is not able to do many things on his own. Today, we had our two hours blocked off for focused learning, but the guy coming to clean out the dryer vent asked if he could come early and TM needed some help with a time sensitive item, so our schooling was repeatedly interrupted. I got out an old math workbook from last year that I figured would be review and had it ready for TW to use when I had to step away, but when I came back he only had four problems done out of a column of ten and was getting very frustrated. The next time I had to step away, I came back and he completed the entire section incorrectly on what I thought would be review, but he was in tears with frustration. My heart sunk and I felt so sad that this was where we were at so early in our school day. We pivoted, TW watched the man fix the dryer venting asking lots of questions, some of which might have been too personal, but that’s another post.

When dinner time rolled around, TW helped where he could, then I had him sit at the counter with a phonics center while I prepped the rest. I have to tell you about this wonderful gal I discovered who has built a huge website of resources for Kinder and 1st grade phonics on Playdough to Plato. I couldn’t find the specific center I was using today, but she has so many ideas- check out these 32 clever word centers. TW could do these on his own, had fun doing them and I could easily monitor them over the counter. I felt like the day was redeemed and he had moved past his learning frustration and was celebrating his success. Small wins!

~ Michelle

P.S. I recommend you sign up for her newsletters, they are often geared to classroom teachers, but she’ll give away freebies that are outstanding. Once you are done with yours, share them with younger siblings or someone in your homeschool community.

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