Curious Learners Exploring Harlingen on Foot, Learn about Javelina

We were excited to do a short nature hike and have a picnic so we headed to Hugh Ramsey Nature Park. We planned to head out for this short jaunt with a picnic and were greeted in the parking by a sign warning us of animals including snakes, javelina, coyotes and bobcats…okay well we’d keep our spidey senses on alert. As we set off, the buzz of mosquitos were quite audible and we began a funny walk waving off the pests. Not 500 yards into the walk, we sped up our pace hoping to get through the loop without a million bites. Nope, not today…we finally decided to turn around and were running, waving our arms like crazy people to keep the mosquitos off of us. We ate our picnic in the car.

Waving mosquitos away on our nature hike.

Curious Learning Moment

What is a javelina? When schooling on-the-go, I cannot carry my homeschool library with us nor can I pop into a local library and find a specific book. I’m so grateful for the many creative read alouds that can be found on YouTube. This is one of my favorite fractured fairy tales, The Three Little Javelinas by Susan Lowell.

Curious Learning Extensions:

Research Javelina. Since we are in Texas, I looked for a Texas article and found one printed in a Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, June 1974! The reading level and length of the article made it perfect for my kids to hold in their hands. If you’d like to have your kids view info online, the Arizona Desert Museum has a great juvenile fact sheet complete with photos, audio and quick facts to digest.

Color your own Javelina. Here is a coloring sheet of a Javelina in its habitat.

Write your own Fractured Fairy Tale. I love writing projects based on perspective. Write a Three Little Pigs story about an animal where you live. For a few more inspirational ideas, here are some other read alouds with a twist in perspective.

Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

Three Little Gators

The Three Little Dassies

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