“I have come that you may life, and have it abundantly.”

-John 10:10

Michelle Jones

We often define ourselves by who we are connected to or what titles we carry because those tell a story. As you get to know me through this website, you’ll see the story of my marriage, motherhood, career and faith. I try to live each day so the people around me are encouraged to walk out their most abundant life!

Life Experience

I married my high school sweetheart and we have been living an adventure for more than two decades together.

2003 | 2005 | 2009 | 2016
Our four kids keep us busy and full of joy. I call them the arrows in my quiver. (Psalm 127:4) With a wide age range, I am always in search for wisdom to raise them well. My job is to train them up, point them to the target and prepare them to fly!

Business Owner

2007 Cornerstone Academy

2022 Curious Learners

Professional Experience

The Bear Creek School
I landed my first job out of college teaching 6th grade at a liberal arts school. I loved that age group because not only did they still love their teacher, but also could make funny jokes and could dig deep into learning.

After having my first baby in the fall of 2003, I worked part-time, mostly from home, integrating technology into existing curriculum. I continued to look for integration needs both in the classrooms and the school at large.

My Masters studies prompted me to start a summer camp course for kids on how their brains learned.

Cornerstone Academy
I’ve learned that when God says ‘Go’, I want to go! He asked me to start a classical Christian school in my hometown and so in 9 months we launched with 50 students via word of mouth. Over the 13 years I was the Head of School, I grew enormously in wisdom and passion.

My understanding of classical education deepened, I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. I partnered with the other classical Heads of School in the Pacific NW to form a collegiate group so we could learn and encourage one another. I was able to lead regional and national professional development trainings on numerous topics.

Our school’s hybrid program served more than 350 families over the years I was there in both a traditional and homeschool setting. It was a joy to partner with these families teaching minds and training hearts.

Western Governor’s University
I enjoy coaching teachers so much that I started overseeing student teachers finishing their degree at WGU. I was impressed with the outcomes I was seeing from this University and thoroughly enjoyed walking through the 12 week classroom experience with these teacher candidates. I found ways to encourage and strengthen each student teacher in their professional practice.

Seattle Classical Christian School
As the Director of Teaching and Learning, I felt like I had arrived at the utopia of my career. I got to spend every day doing the two things I love the most: coaching teacher and playing with curriculum.

I spent time each week one on one with every classroom teacher hearing about their successes, struggles and goals. I looked for ways the essence of the school could be strengthened in practice and captured in curriculum guides.

I helped to build out the High School program from scratch from curriculum to marketing and enrollment.

Academic Experience

Northwest University
BA in Elementary Education & Certificate in TESL – Graduated 1999
After a year at community college, so I could save a little money and stay close to my high school sweetheart, I set off for Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. I had known since I was in 3rd grade I wanted to be a teacher and this was my first choice in a college supporting growth, not only in my professional endeavors but also growing in my faith.

Jones Institute of Curiosity
(2022- current)
This is the name we’ve given to our homeschool operations with my two youngest kids as the sole students. I am building curiosity in E.J. & T.W. in a newer way than I ever have. Join me on this journey as we encounter life, learning and love.

NOVA Southwestern University
MA in Educational Brain Research – Graduated 2003
One month before my first born arrived, I finished my Masters Degree in educational brain research. I loved this distance learning program that explored the intricacies of neuroscience and how it could help teachers better craft lessons, units and long term learning goals for better student success.

Seattle Pacific University
Administrative Credentials – Graduated 2014
I drove an hour one way every week for two years learning from some of the top educational professionals in the areas. Since I was already in an administrative job, I was able to put all my learning into practice right away! I learned from retired school superintendents and educators who had more than 30 years of experience about school finance, legal issues, faculty culture development and so many topics that were immediately relevant to my job as a Head of School.

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