• Three Tips For Wearing ‘All the Hats’ at Home

    Three Tips For Wearing ‘All the Hats’ at Home

    The list of tasks for a stay-at-home mom is very lengthy, but add on top of that homeschooling and running a consulting business – I might be a little crazy! Here’s some tips I’ve found that help me stay in balance. Read more

  • A New Season

    A New Season

    The 2022-2023 School Year has looked vastly different than any other year before. For starters, we moved 2500 miles, I’m not working a full time job – only consulting, and I’m homeschooling my three school aged kids and learning to be a parent to an adult-child living with us. Huge changes in so many sectors… Read more

  • How to Help Wiggly Learners

    How to Help Wiggly Learners

    One of the most common questions I get in the fall is how to help fidgety kids become more centered in a classroom. First, let me encourage you to talk with your child’s teacher before you purchase anything! The teacher needs to be on board letting your child use these tools. Second, you will need… Read more

  • Beginning an Adventure

    Beginning an Adventure

    Well I started this website when I knew that I had to transition out of my career to homeschool my children. I thought I’d need some side income to help our family. I thought I’d start a consulting business. I thought I had a strong network to build from. And then, like God so often… Read more

  • Growing Mighty Oaks

    In the fall, my husband and kids were playing at a local park and started picking up acorns off the ground. They came home excited to research how to prepare the acorns for planting. So my garage fridge stored a gallon bag of dirt and acorns through the winter. Early February, they pulled out the… Read more

  • How to Create a Homeschooling Workstation

    How to Create a Homeschooling Workstation

    Twas the night before our first day of homeschooling all through the house, the children were bustling, the pencils were sharpened and the school books were ready. As an educator for over two decades, I am taking this launch with the frame of mind to KEEP IT SIMPLE! I love opening a classroom in the… Read more