• Learning Tool: Learning Palette

    Learning Tool: Learning Palette

    I’m always on the lookout for learning tools that kids love. This is my current favorite learning tool! Product Description: I pulled this out of the box and we got started right away. The center cap screws off and the cover slides off the two posts. Each pack has twelve sturdy cards that slide onto… Read more

  • All Signs Point ?

    Hindsight is 20/20 – right? Well, maybe but even more importantly it gives me perspective. When we brought our son home from China in 2017, he was turning 4 yrs old and had a smile that lit up a room! When we first held him in our arms and carried him back to our hotel… Read more

  • The Journey Here

    I like change when I am the one driving it. Change, when it is forced upon me, ruffles my feathers! Looking out the windows today, I love seeing the fall leaves change; the rich colors that flutter to the ground indicate that a new season is coming. This is also true in my life, a… Read more

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